Clancy Consulting LLC was created out of a desire to facilitate success for business owners that are out there pursuing their dreams. We are here to provide the bookkeeping, accounting, and financial planning support necessary for you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

In the ever evolving world of business it is important to know where you stand in order to take advantage of every opportunity you are presented. Having an accurate picture of the status of your business in real time, along with knowledge and strategy regarding key future financial events, allows a business owner to make the necessary decisions to guide their company to success. 

It all starts with establishing and maintaining a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping system. This is the backbone of the financial planning and analysis process. Once this is accomplished we can use the data generated by this system, along with strategic knowledge of key upcoming financial events, to generate forecasts and perform the necessary planning and analysis to attain your goals.

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Kevin Sean Clancy
Founder and Managing Partner

Kevin Clancy is an Economics graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a minor in Marketing. He has a background in Tax Accounting, Bookkeeping, FP&A Consulting, and CFO Outsourcing as well as Product Management, Marketing Directorship, and Social Media Marketing.