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We service a wide variety of clients from software to events to personal fitness to executive placement to restaurants & bars! These are just a few of our current and past clients:

Our current clients include:

Wormhole Entertainment LLC

Wormhole Cares (Non-Profit)

The Gradient Perspective Records, LLC

Soundpieces LLC

VIIIA Events

Get with The Program

Proper Vibe Productions LLC

CouchFam LLC

Tahoe Harm Reduction (Non-Profit)

Full Bass Spectrum LLC

Summit Creative LLC

Biggest Little Collective

Doinks Pre-Rolls/Dobis PR LLC

So Below Presents, LLC

Moondust Beauty and Design

Bricks & Blooms Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

LoFreq LLC

Moss & Spade LLC

Q-Vents LLC

Reliable Property Services, Inc.

Sacred Higher Ground

Yehti LLC

Armor Seal


Lossless Productions

E-Quality Music & Arts Gathering

Sacred Higher Ground

Sacred State Design

TJ Landscape and Maintenance


Hippy Trap

Sonic Convergence, LLC
& more!

"Efficient & Knowledgeable" - Kumar Subramanian (CEO MediaMelon, Inc.)

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